Coding da Vinci 2015

Patents in Motion

Patents in Motion is a Coding da Vinci project recreating 19th century machines and mechanisms. It aims at gaining a better understanding of the machines drawn up on paper by setting them back in motion.

Coding da Vinci 2014

EthnoTier App

Listen up everybody, this is crucially important. I hope you’re sitting comfortably, because EthnoTier is coming for your tablet computers. Courtesy of Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde, it’s packed with an open database full of animal voices.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology is about two young, insanely good-looking people, and how gaming with Oculus Rift will most definitely be like.

Open Data City

“Stasi versus NSA”

Open Data City is all about delivering professional web applications. Though not of the likes you have possibly ever seen before.